Friday, January 13, 2012

Tippy Toes

Day 103
“Do you think I should get these shoes?”

I’m standing in line at the Valley Thrift store run by Goodwill.  I’ve come in search of a boys’ suit that may pass for something Thomas Edison might have worn.  It’s surprisingly crowded and line to checkout is six people deep.    

“They’re pretty flat,” I say.  “Do you think they’d hurt your feet?”  I don’t mention they are also hideously ugly. 

She flips them over to look at their soles.  “They look like they’re never been worn.” 

Everybody needs a friend that will tell her the truth or in this case, a total stranger who won’t sugarcoat when you ask for an opinion. 

“Don’t buy the shoes.”

“Really?  No?” 

“There’s probably a reason they weren’t worn,” I say, twisting her earlier argument for buying the shoes.  “I had a pair like that once and I’d be hobbling by the end of the night.”  

“You’re right,” she turns and places them on the counter to the right piled with discarded items. 
And they’re ugly, I silently add. 

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