Thursday, January 19, 2012

For The Birds

Day 107
My eyes lock in on a spot of color on the sidewalk.  On closer inspection, I see that it’s two red birds.  I’m outside Hobby Lobby and the birds are fake and made from feathers and foam.  

When you go to a store and purchase two four-inch birds, there’s a reason.  I don’t believe in my heart these could in any circumstances be an impulse buy.

I see the back of another shopper walking purposefully towards her car.  I quickly bend, pick up the birds and take off at a jog to catch her. 

“Oh!  Are these yours?”  I thrust my hand forward with the little birds. 

“Yes!  They must have flown right out of my purse!” she laughs.  “Thanks!”

Fly home little birdies, fly home.   

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