Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hand Delivery

Day 98
I have a love-hate relationship with the mail.  I love it when it arrives.  I usually hate what it contains. 

The only time the love ration swings the relationship is in December with the daily arrival of holiday cards.  I’m still hopeful in the early weeks of January for late holiday greetings so happily stalk greet the mailman.
Today’s mail contains a small, white, hand-addressed envelope.  Definitely, what I would categorize as “fun mail”.  A holiday letter?  A thank you note?  Our favorite, a party invitation?

Since it’s not addressed to us, the guessing is for guessing’s sake.  

If we stick if in the box for the mail carrier to pick up, it may get rerouted back to the post office and redelivered the next day or the next day.  I could wait a few days for my monthly correspondence with Time Warner, but fun mail.  Never!

F. and I walk it over to our neighbor and hand-deliver the card.  Would it be bad form to wait and see if it is a party invitation?  And if it is, can we go?

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