Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Minion

Day 94
My husband and I hope our middle son uses his smarts for good and not evil.   

We’re not optimistic.  At 7-years-old, F. has molded his little brother as his first minion. 

Tonight, he’s trying to convince A. to give him his hard-earned allowance. 

Each week my boys have the potential to earn one dollar if they complete a list of daily jobs.  Practice piano.  Feed the dog.  Make their bed.  If they don’t do each task, they don’t earn the money.  They’re averaging about 75-cents.

“Mommmm! A. is going to give me all his money,” F. tells me. 

“No, he’s not.” 

I turn to A.  “No, you’re not.”   

“Mom,” A. whines, clearly exacerbated with me.  “I’m being kiiiiind.” 

How do you argue with that?  

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