Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dreamy Gardener

Day 199
I send out emails and post a plea on Facebook in search of plants for the butterfly garden.  I’ll try and keep to the plan drawn up by the nursery but with most things on a shoestring, the project will take a lot of begging and borrowing. 

A mom from the boys’ school emails me that she has a large butterfly bush we can have.  Perfect, I say.  Another email pings into my inbox.  The Discovery Garden committee gives $50 towards the project.  See what happens if you ask for help?  People always come through. 

F., A. and I browse a discount nursery.  We find plump pots of lavender and a healthy hibiscus. 

It’s time to get dirty.  The boys lose interest quickly in the actual digging (but not the dirt) and cheer when I tell them to run and play in the gated kindergarten playground adjacent to the garden.  If only they listened that well at home.  They are through the gate and screaming wildly within seconds.  Lucky lopes alongside the boys.    

I step back to access our progress.  It’s getting there.  In my mind, I flash forward to next spring when the plants will fill the space. 

Dreamers make the best gardeners.  You have to see the potential of something you can’t see.  You have to trust that love (and water) will make a tiny sprout grow into something beautiful and strong.  You have to know that weeds can’t kill a plant if you take care of them and remove the damaging roots.    

On second thought, dreamers make the best people.    

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