Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 100

Day 100  
“It’s Day 100!” I say to my husband.  “Can you believe it?” 

I don’t think he can.  I’m infamous for sprinting out of the blocks and losing steam around the last bend. 

What’s different about this project?  This blog?  It’s fun.  (Did you want something more philosophical?) 

How’s this?  Everyday I wake up thinking, “What can I do today?”  It gives me focus.  It makes me find the best in myself.  It forces me to be better.  

While grocery shopping, I pick up a few small potted primroses.  I love the delicate, bright-colored petals.  They shout out happy.

The plan is to take the boys to Twin Lakes, the retirement center down the street from our house, give them each a potted plant and walk around until each one finds someone he thinks looks like she needs flowers. 

“What’s Twin Lakes?” F. asks.  

“It’s where the old people live,” I tell him.  When talking to kids, use words they understand.

“When?” That kid needs details. 

“After dinner.”  

We roll up to Skyline.  I. and I settle into a booth.  F. and A. sit at the counter and engage the cook in an animated discussion about favorite football teams while our waitress bounces from table to counter, taking orders and filling drinks.

Back in the car, the little boys begin to fight.  They remind me of puppies and I wish I had a hose to spray them both to separate them.   

"Whoa!" I’m rethinking Twin Lakes. 

Inspiration strikes. 

“What do you think?  Should we run back in and give this to our waitress?”

Ian opens the car door and jumps out.  He extends his hands, takes the flowers and jogs back inside. 

“What did she say?” 

He grins.  “She said thank you like five times and she was really excited.”

While not the original plan, it works.  In some ways, I think it's better.  It's random.  

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