Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carnival Craziness

Day 114
Every January, the Montgomery Elementary PTO hosts Carnival.  It’s a night filled with games, raffles, cookies and cake.  It’s a collaborative effort between parents, teachers and local businesses that raises approximately $20,000 that the PTO uses to purchase items for the school such as smart boards, lap top computers and playground equipment.   

Even though I lecture friends on needing “Volunteer Intervention” when the committee found themselves one lead volunteer short I found my hand in the air.

A popular game at carnival and the one I’m organizing is the Kindergarten Cake Walk.  Think musical chairs with cake as a prize.  I’ve been soliciting cash donations to purchase cakes, begging people to bake and bring cakes and arm-twisting volunteers to help the night of the event.  The game only lasts as long as the cakes do.    

Tonight, we meet at the school and our Carnival chair walks us through a “dry run” before Friday’s big event. 

I’m confident the night will be a huge success, even if we run out of cake.  

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