Monday, January 23, 2012

Kroger 500

Day 112

From the back she looks like my old boss.  In the Montgomery Kroger?  It seems unlikely but not out of the realm of possibility.  

Maureen O'Connor sits on the Ohio Supreme Court.  I worked for her when she was Ohio's Lt. Governor.  She's smart and accomplished.  And someone I respect.   

I push my cart to try and catch her before I thing it may not be the best idea.  I haven’t seen her in several years and I don’t want our chance meeting to start and end with a heart attack in the frozen foods. 

I cut up through the potato chip aisle towards the lunch meat and hang a right.  I figure if I come around the corner I can see her face and confirm if it’s her.  I round the corner but I’ve lost her. 

How is this possible?  I’m frustrated now and rethinking my original plan.  I take a lap.  Meat.  Bakery.  Produce.  Bread.  Nothing.  I take another.  It's the Kroger 500 and I've lost the lead car.  

Really?  I’m so angry for missing this opportunity. 

I’ve wasted enough time and look down at my cart before checking out.  I’ve forgotten one item and go to pick it up.  

Guess who’s also picking up some cookies?  A lady who looks eerily like my old boss. 

“I’ve been stalking you through Kroger!” I say and tell her the story.

“She looks good?” the lady jokes. 


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