Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The World Spins Round Right Round

Day 66
The morning spinners at the Y are a cordial and sweaty bunch. 

Monday through Thursday we move our legs as fast as we can.  Some come for health.  Some come for strength.  I come to fit into my size 6 jeans.  

At the end of class, everyone wipes down his or her sweaty bike with disinfectant spray and a paper towel. 

Today’s been a particularly challenging class of hill climbs and long sprints.  Everyone’s moving slowly.   

I head to the paper dispenser.  Pull.  Spray.  Rip.  I do this fourteen times.  I feel like A. feels when he passes out snacks in his kindergarten class.  I walk up and back between the bikes.  One for you.  One for you.

“How did you know that’s what I needed?” laughs one woman resting on her bike. 

Random acts make the world spin round.  

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