Friday, December 23, 2011

Special Delivery

Day 83
Hey, Post Office!  We have a special delivery!

It’s the day before the day before Christmas.  Scratching our heads as to who might be working hard, we immediately think of our local postal workers.  I personally visited them twice yesterday.

To avoid any weirdness about giving home-baked goodies to complete strangers (and them ending up in the trash), we opt for store-brought chocolate kisses.  We make up three goodie bags and tie them with a holiday bow.

A.’s walks to the counter past a dozen or so waiting customers and hands the chocolate kisses to the counter clerks. 

He is my random act rock star.  He’ll do just about anything, plus he’s so darn cute.  With his head of curly blond hair and impish smile, he could pass as a Christmas angel.  As long as he keeps his mouth shut.

One clerk looks up in surprise and smiles.  Another waves.  The last mouths, “Thank you.” 

The customer waiting at the counter turns and talks to A.  He spins towards me, a huge grin spread across his face and walks past a line of smiling people holding packages.   


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