Friday, December 16, 2011

Baking Soda, Anyone?

Day 75
“How much? One cup?” 


The girl scooped up the flour.  With the measuring cup half full, she poured it into the glass mason jar.



This time her “measured” cup was a heaping mountain of flour.  In it went. 

As a baker, helping the third graders build “cookie kits” as presents during their holiday party was a little more than distressing.  I tried to coach kids on filling the measuring cups up to the top and leveling them before adding them to the jar. It didn’t work. 

One girl dropped (at my count) three tablespoons of baking soda into her mix when ¼ teaspoon was required.

After the third child, I gave up.  Instead, I kept up a constant chatter of “Looks great!  Yum!  Who’s getting that one?  Lucky!”

While maybe not edible, the jars were adorable. Layers of flour, brown sugar, white sugar, and green and red candies made a colorful design inside the jar. The room mom printed recipe tags to tie to the jar’s top with ribbon.

Covered with flour and sugar, they enjoyed themselves.  More than one enjoyed a stray M and M that missed a jar and landed on the table.   

The kids had been instructed to wash their hands before starting but I didn’t see if they had or not.  With all the ingredients inside the jar, the last group through our station smashed everything down with their fingers before adding M and Ms.

I turned to a friend standing next to me, “What do you think these are going to taste like?” 

I was trying not to think sweaty fingers.  

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