Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet Music

Day 72
I’d replied to Miss Book’s email asking for help with the third grade music program.  This fall, I.’s taken an interest in music so by association I’ve taken an interest in music.

As part of the program, each child receives his or her own recorder.  Each instrument needs to be engraved with the child’s name.  Each needs a necklace attached and its own marked fabric case.  It’s a bigger job that I’d anticipated but am happy to chat (when the engraver isn’t humming) with another third-grade mom who I don’t see often.

I think volunteering at the boys’ school may be one of my favorite things to do.  I’m thrilled that on most days they’re happy to see me.  My kindergartner runs at full speed, barrels into my legs and wraps his arms around me.  It’s a rock star greeting, or a greeting that makes me feel like a rock star.   

Lately, I’ve been getting a less enthusiastic greeting from my third grader: a head nod, a sly smile, a I-see-you-but-don’t-want-my-friends-to-notice shrug.  I’ll take it.   

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