Saturday, December 17, 2011

Filler Up

Day 76
I dislike filling up for gas when it’s cold outside.  I amend.  I hate it. 

I don’t have gloves and I’m dreading the feeling of flesh touching metal, but my gas light glows red. 

Unfortunately, I need to fill up.  Now.  Or prepare to push.  

I turn into Shell and pull forward until my gas tank is level with the nozzle.

I punch in my Kroger number to receive my 10-cent-per-galloon discount.  Then I swipe my debit card.  Man, it’s cold.  Each transaction only prolongs my time outside. 

I pick up the nozzle.  Nothing.  I place the nozzle back in its home and pick it up again.  Nothing.  I punch the gas grade button.  Nothing. 

It only takes another nozzle and two more button pushes to accept that the pump isn’t working.   

I pull forward and start over. 

A car pulls up behind me into the stall that I just vacated.

I turn and jog over to her car.  “Before you get out of your car,” I start, “the pump’s not working.” 

She rolls down her window.  “Thanks for telling me.  Gosh, it’s cold out here.”   

You’re telling me.  

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