Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Kiss

Day 85
Nearly every day I get text messages or phone calls from unidentified numbers asking me to play Beyonce.  My cell phone number and Kiss 107’s request line share all seven digits.  I ignore them all.   

“Why don’t you change your number?” my husband asks.  I don’t tell him it took me five years to switch to a 513 area code after our move to Cincinnati.   

It’s Christmas and we’re snuggled inside the house.  Surrounded by family and yummy foods, the idea of a random act of kindness that involves leaving the house is terribly unappealing. 

We’re also exhausted.  F. woke up every hour starting at three a.m. to open presents.  Every hour we sent him back to bed.   

My phone “blings” and I know what I’m going to do.  I go online and find the station’s text number and forward all the unfulfilled music requests. 

I’m sure Beyonce’s Single Ladies is someone’s Jingle Bells.  

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