Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Told You So

Day 65
The weatherman had forecasted a one hundred percent chance of rain.  What he forgot to mention was the intensity.  I half expected to see animals marching two by two as the heavy rain formed mid-sized lakes in the yard.  

Previously discouraged that my last rainy day random act of offering my umbrella to strangers was a washout, I was hopeful.  How could I not be?  Just look at it coming down.  

Instead of harassing people at Kroger, I picked a place where people are comfortable being in close proximity to other people.  (Chaz argued sharing an umbrella with a stranger violated all kinds of personal space issues regardless of location.)  

The gym would be different, I reasoned.  When you sweat together, personal space is null and void.

I walked out the front doors of the Y and saw two women talking under the awning cover.  The rain was so thick it was difficult to see more than 20 feet away. 

“May I walk you to your car?” I pointed to my umbrella. 

“Aren’t you nice…”

Oh, no.  I knew where this was going.  “I’m not in any hurry to be anywhere.  It’s no trouble at all.”  I stressed this last point.

“I’m fine.” 

Her friend piped in before I could ask.  “I’m fine too.  But, that was nice.”

Driving out of the parking lot I saw one of the women running towards her car with her head bent against the rain. 

I should have known better.  Chaz did and he was nice enough to tell me he told me so.  

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