Monday, December 26, 2011

Window Shopping

Day 86
I’m in vacation mode.  In the last 24 hours, I’ve eaten my weight in chocolates, played hours of Wii (and been schooled by a 5-year-old), and lived in the same pair of worn cotton yoga pants.  

If I'm going to do something nice, it's got to happen from my dent in the couch.  

I’m searching the web for public blogs.  I want to leave a comment.  I want it to be nice.  It’s important to me that it been sincere. 

Not tooting my own blog, but holy smokes, there are a lot of sites out there with questionable content.  

From what I ate for dinner, to what my child looked like in his favorite t-shirt, to baseball, baseball, baseball.  (I understand that to many a blog about what I did today doesn’t sound that much more exciting.)  It’s overwhelming. 

I leave a comment for a small town minister in Minnesota after finding her posting titled Your Birthday is Not A National Holiday.  Cute.  Snappy.  Fun. 

All writers like positive reviews.    

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