Monday, December 26, 2011

The Other Year

Day 84
Armed with a bag of candy canes and a smile, the boys and I visit the library.  It’s busy with families finding DVDs for the holiday weekend and people checking out books. 

“Give a candy cane to everyone you see,” I say. 

Walking up the path to the front door, A. hands a candy cane to a sullen teenager smoking a cigarette. 

“Hey, dude, thanks!”  The teen turns from surly to smiley in an instant.  A. gives him a small salute and marches forward.  

Through the glass doors, A. walks up to the librarian and hands her a candy cane. 

“Merry Christmas!” he says.

She comes out from behind her desk and walks towards us.  “This made my whole day!” 

With that, A. is off.  Up and down the stacks, he walks with purpose.  A grandfather picking out a Western gets a candy cane.  Two kids playing games on the computer each get one.  We have two-dozen with us and we pass out every one.   

“This was fun!  Can we do this the other year?” A. asks.  

“You mean next year?” 

“Yeah, that year.” 

Oh, help.  Let’s get through these first 365. 

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