Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For the Dogs

Day 73
The boys and I load the wagon with Cub Scout popcorn and head out.  We’ve got lots to deliver and little time to do it.  Order forms and money are due at Thursday’s pack meeting.  On a whim I grab a box of dog treats and toss them in the wagon. 

“What’s that for?” F. asks. 

“I thought it would be fun to pass out dog treats.  What do you think?” 

“To dogs?”

“I was thinking dogs.” 

“Awesome!”  I love it when one of my ideas gets an “awesome”. 

We live in a neighborhood of dog walkers.  We haven’t gone more than a house length when we spy our first dog.  F. grabs the treat box and sprints towards the pooch. 

“Does your dog want a treat?” 

The owner smiles, “I think she’d love that.” 

F. takes three and drops them into the dog’s open mouth.  The dog’s tail wags manically as he waits for number four.  The owner gives Rosie’s collar a light tug and they continue their walk. 

We don’t limit our dog treats to walking dogs.  We also hand them out to dogs inside houses of homes getting popcorn. 

Hot diggity dog, that was fun.  

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