Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindness, Kindness, Everywhere

Day 172
With the kids on the kindness clock this week, I’m kicking back and enjoying the show. 

They’ve always been good kids (some days more than others) but I’m proud of how they now actively look for ways to be kind to strangers.  Everyday.  I’m waiting for it to translate to each other, but I’m a patient woman and we still have six months to get there. 

Changing behaviors takes time.  I know this.  When I worked at the Ohio Department of Public Safety, I worked on a statewide seat belt campaign designed to get people to change their habits and buckle up.  A state trooper once told me it takes 21 consecutive days to adopt a new behavior.  Remembering this gives me an idea. 

Our new experiment within an experiment is to be kind to a member of the family every day until it becomes as natural as finding ways to help a stranger. 

“Let’s try something new,” I start.  “From now on, we are going to say one kind thing to each other every day.”

“Starting when?” F. asks. 

“Starting now.” 

I. and F. look at each other and bust out laughing. 

“F., you’re awesome!” Pause.  “There.”  F. rolls his eyes and falls on the couch cushion in hysterics.

For some reason, I question his sincerity.    

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