Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Day 166
I. and I notice the stopped car from further up the street.  Inside, a man and woman appear to be arguing in the front seat.  One points left while the other shakes her head and points right.

As we walk closer, the man pushes his head out of his open car window and yells to us on the sidewalk.  “Hey?”  He waits until he has our full attention.  “Do you know where Kroger is?” 

We do.  The boys and I often walk to the grocery store after school to pick up an item or two that I’ve forgotten for dinner.  “Turn left, follow this road until it dead ends then turn right.  It’s on the other side of Tollgate.” 

The man smiles.  Relieved.  The woman turns away from him in the seat.  I’m guessing she’s been the one lobbying for turning right.

The man flicks his hand in a wave and turns down the corner in the direction of the store. 

“Does giving directions to a stranger count as a random act of kindness?” I. asks.

It does I tell him.  Helping someone lost find his way absolutely counts.  

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