Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let Me Talk

Day 161
Each week I participate in speech therapy with my oldest child.  The 30-minute sessions give him techniques to increase his speech fluency and tips on living life as a person who stutters. 

This week, we talk about what it feels like when someone finishes his sentences.  This happens a lot with stutterers.  Some do it because think they’re helping.  Others jump in out of their own frustration. 

Either way, it goes without saying: You can’t be heard if no one lets you talk. 

“I mean after four times of being interrupted, I get mad,” I. confesses.  Four?  What a hothead, right? 

He’s got a point.  We live in a house of talkers.  At dinner, it’s a battle to see who gets to share their day first.  Usually the loudest wins.  It’s no mystery Chaz and I buy Tylenol at Costco. 

In my mind, I’ve lumped interrupting together with finishing another’s sentence.  Today, I’m going to not interrupt when someone else is talking.  Instead, I’ll focus on listening. 

Don’t believe that’s a random act of kindness?  Try it.  It’s harder than you might think. 

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