Friday, March 2, 2012

Picture Perfect Praise

Day 149
I love it when one of the boys steps up to do our daily random act.  Not only does it free me up to slide through until tomorrow but it also tells me they’re getting it.  This little social experiment is working.   

“Mom, I did a random act of kindness today,” A. tells me.  We’re walking hand in hand down the sidewalk enjoying the 68-degree weather.  I curl my fingers around his small hand and know these moments are fleeting.  It won’t be too much longer before he chooses to race ahead on his bike with his brothers instead of walking and talking to his mom. 

“What did you do?”

“The big boys were playing Frisbee and I stopped it from going in the street.”  He raises his arm with a stick fashioned into a sword.  “With this!”  


“AND I brought it back to them.”

“Double wow!” 

Angus beams.  He’s so proud of himself.  

In that nanosecond, I remember how easy it is to make kids feel good about their choices.  It seems most days I spend many of my words correcting behavior instead of praising it. 

“You did a very nice thing,” I add and give his hand a light squeeze. 

Angus squeezes my hand in response and smiles the rest of the walk to the park.   

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