Friday, March 16, 2012

Sing for Spring

Day 162
It’s one of those gorgeous spring days when people talk to strangers like they’re friends.   

I zip through Kroger and grab the few items I need for dinner.  I want to spend as little time inside today as is humanly possible.

An elderly woman pulls in next to me as I’m unloading my bags into my car. 

“Can I have your cart if you’re done?” she asks. 

I’m using one of the smaller double-decker carts.  While not everyone might agree, I love the smaller compact carts for quick trips.  I turn the cart and push it towards her handle first.  That’s when I notice her cane. 

She grabs the handle and places her cane in the backseat of her car.  It never occurred to me until now that the smaller carts also are makeshift walkers with places for canned corn. 

I hold the back of the cart and she shifts her weight to balance herself.

“Do you need anything else from the car?” 

“My purse.  In the front seat.”

I turn, hand her purse then shut the car door. 

We stand and chitchat about the weather and how the first burst of spring makes us both feel.  Happy. 

I’m feeling happy.    

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