Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dog Days

Day 155
As if three boys, a dog and a guinea pig aren’t enough, we’ve decided to add another to the circus.  If there was ever any doubt, let me clarify. Yes, we are that kind of crazy. 
Today was the last step of many to becoming approved to adopt a rescue pup.  Why a rescue and not a breeder?  With so many dogs that need homes, it seemed an easy choice.  We don’t need fancy.  We need family.  A mutt fits the bill just fine.   

Since it isn’t a purebred we’re adopting, the strict application and screening surprised us.  After interviewing all of our references (“How often do they walk their dog?”) and passing a home visit (“Fix that part of the fence.”), we passed.  In the next few weeks, we’ll bring a puppy home chosen by Spot and the boys. 

I say Spot because the rescue volunteers stress to us that our current dog needs to be the one to choose the next dog.  The boys will name him. 

With the addition of a second dog, we’re entered a new phase.  Where once when the kids marked up freshly painted walls I would frantically scrub the spot with a mixture of hot water and pinesol, now I accept new wall dings with a flip “at least the house is still standing.” 

Another dog makes sense.  Chaos likes a crowd.   

We’ve all heard that life is a journey.  I need to remind myself of this from time to time.
I need to embrace every phase.  Every stage.  Every crazy.  Or at least give it an honest try. 

The boys want to name the new puppy Lucky.  How apropos, I think.  How lucky would we all be if we could appreciate what we have when we have it?  

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