Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Day 160
In forty-two years, I’ve eaten my share of birthday cake.  Today, I’m not looking for reasons to overdose on chocolate.  I’ve got a different idea.      

Countless opportunities exist to help others.  From across the world to down the street, no cause is more or less worthy than another.  If you need help, you need help.  Period. 

For me, I’m a firm believer in starting at home. Operation Give Back in Blue Ash helps kids within the Sycamore school district.  Three days a week they provide after-school tutoring.
The phone rings three times before the receptionist picks up. 

“Hi.  This may sound crazy.  It’s my birthday and I was hoping to bring cupcakes by for the kids after school.  Do you need snacks?”  Nothing. 


“Today?  You wanted to bring them today?” 

Wendy tells me how many kids they’ll tutor this afternoon.  Within a half-hour, I’m at Kroger buying a mix of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  I pick the ones covered in cobalt blue frosting and “Happy Birthday” signs stuck in the tops.  Hey, it’s my party.  I just don’t need to be there.   

Pulling up to Operation Give Back’s main offices, I plan to slip in, leave the cupcakes and hightail it home.  Think Dine and Dash but opposite. 

Wendy catches me stacking the plastic containers on her desk. 

 “We were just talking about how we didn’t have snacks for the kids when you called.” 


Wendy grasps her hands together in prayer and lifts them to her face.  “We were talking to the office manager to see how much money we had to spend and the phone rang.” 

A chill runs up my arm.  “I think I just got goose bumps.” 

“We all got goose bumps.” 

How’s that for a birthday present?  

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