Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Day 31
It’s Halloween and I’ve got a million things to do before tonight’s trick-or-treating. 

Finish last minute preparations for the kindergarten Halloween party.  Find all the kids’ costume pieces for the school costume parade.  I need to find candles for the jack-o-lanterns and force-feed my kids something moderately healthy before the onslaught of sugar.

Sounds like the perfect time to start a little baking, no?

Baking is always my fallback when I want to thank someone for doing something above and beyond.  It’s not today's baking that’s the grand idea, but the acknowledging someone who works harder than I would ever care to work.    

Everyone knows teachers don’t get paid enough. Pay them what the CEOs make!  Show them as a society that we value our children!  That’s not the reality.  Teachers know this.  They don’t choose their profession based on an expected annual bonus. 

For most, it’s a calling.  Thank goodness there’s someone wanting to spend the day with my kids on the mornings I’m pushing them onto the school bus. 

I’m heading to the school and wanted to give something to my boys’ teachers to say thanks.  Thanks for your enthusiasm.  Thanks for your commitment.  Thanks for your patience.  Oh, thank you for your patience. 

Odd coincidence or personal commentary that there are three “monster” balls (pictured at the right) and I have three boys?  Humm, I’ll let you be the judge.  Did I mention that teachers are terribly patient?     

So today I’m thanking a teacher.  Who knows?  Maybe next week we’ll turn our random kindness on the mailman.  

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