Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hungry to Help

Day 34
A friend told my husband and I about a need in Cincinnati.  The FreeStore is running out of food.  Just as the name implies, the store provides free items to those who need them.  The items aren’t limited to food. 

As co-chair of the Make A Difference committee at my kids’ elementary school, an organized food drive seemed a no-brainer.  In a flurry of emails, it seemed a done deal. 

Nothing is that easy. 

This afternoon I received an email saying the food drive was off because another food drive was previously planned for the same time. 

“We can’t help more than one group?”  The idea that we would limit the number of people who receive food is deplorable to me. 

“We don’t want to drain all our resources at once.”  This was the official school response. 

That’s not our call to make.  Shouldn’t we give our school community the opportunity to help if they choose? 

So, today, my boys and I are launching our very own food drive.  We’ve placed a box on our porch for collection.  We’ll be going door-to-door asking for donations.

Beans, tuna, rice, pasta, and canned vegetables are desperately needed, but of course, all donations are appreciated.  

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