Monday, November 21, 2011

Can't Give It Away

“That’s funny,” my husband says.  This is after I tell him what happened Saturday when I attempted to commit a random act of kindness. 

“I know!  I couldn’t give it away!”

That’s sounds bad.  I should explain.

Two friends and I run to Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee after dropping our boys at basketball practice.  The day’s special features buy one get one on holiday lattes.  The two of them buddy-up.  I order and turn to offer the free latte to the man behind me. 

Engrossed in his phone, he doesn’t notice me talking to him.  So I tap him gently on the arm. 

“Do you like Gingerbread lattes?”  He looks up surprised.  Oh, he’s much younger than I realized.  I know that look.  His face reads like a kindle, it says, “Oh, this nice old lady is trying to talk to me.” 

I barrel through.  “I’m going to get one.  Do you want my free one?” 

He smiles in an aren’t-you-cute-now-stop-talking-to-me kind of way.  He shakes his head and begins texting.  [OMG Lady at SBX nuts]  Oddly, this doesn’t deter me.  I call out to the woman behind him.   

Oh!  I know her!  Gingerbread latte?  They also have something mocha?  No, she’s ordering hot chocolate. 

I turn to the barista.  “Can you give my other latte to the next person who orders one?” 

She says she can’t do that.  This makes no sense to me at all but I don’t push. 

I don’t want to hold up the line any longer.  Random Act of Kindness.  Denied. 

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  1. I so look forward to reading your posts! Miss you bunches!