Sunday, November 20, 2011

It counts.

Day 50
“Come outside and look at what your boys are doing,” says my husband. 

I don’t have high expectations.  They’ve been sent to rake leaves for fighting with each other in the basement. 

I look around the yard and don’t find them.  My husband points across the street.  It takes me a minute to process what I’m seeing. 

All three of the boys are gathering leaves with Mrs. Jacks and from the looks of it making a serious dent in cleaning up her yard. 

Knowing my question before I ask, Chaz answers, “I don’t know if it counts if I sent them over to do it.” 

“Hey, mom!” F. waves and grins from her yard.  All of them happily dance around Mrs. Jacks. None of them seem worse for my husband’s directive.  In fact, they look like they’re having a pretty good time.  A much better time than if it were our leaves they were raking.    

“We did our random act of kindness!” I. tells me when I call them inside for lunch. 

“I saw you.  How did it feel?” 

“Pretty great!’    

Yes.  It counts.  

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