Friday, November 4, 2011

Pay It Forward

Day 35
“And then she gave me a red paper heart,” F. smiles and takes another bite of dinner.  This exchange takes place around the table as we go around and share one thing that happened during the day.
“She gave you the heart for doing something kind?”  I don’t mean for it to come out as a question.  My children can be kind and often are.  It’s just the idea of committing a random act of kindness sounds so wonderfully familiar.  F. nods. 
“So all we have to do is give you a paper heart for you to be nice to one another?” This is my husband.  We exchange a look that asks, “Could it really be this easy?” 
Finny considers this.  “And threaten us with the principal’s office.” 
I knew there had to be a catch. 
Principal’s office aside, I’m beyond thrilled with a new initiative the kids’ school started this week.  Called Pay It Forward, its designed to acknowledge the kind things that people do for others. 
When a person (adult or student) witnesses or is the recipient of someone doing something kind, they are to hand that person a heart. That person will post the heart on the windows overlooking the cafeteria. The person “catching someone being kind” is then to do something kind for someone else. 

“Do you think it’s a coincidence?” I ask my husband.  Teachers at the school know about my blog and a few read it regularly. Is the blog having an effect? 

I’d like to think it is, but ultimately it doesn’t matter.  Kindness is kindness.   

Like a cold in winter, let’s hope it’s contagious.  

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