Friday, November 11, 2011

Kindness is for Turkeys

Day 41
Kindness is for turkeys. 

Cake pops shaped like turkeys for Thanksgiving that is.  What?  What did you THINK I was talking about? 

The teens at our church host a bake sale in conjunction with the annual craft fair.  Both events will take place tomorrow.  When the email came out asking for donations, it took about 30 seconds to hit the reply button.

Money raised helps fund youth projects and programs. 

I feel very strongly about getting youth involved in community service and community causes.  If we don’t teach children to care for others how can we expect them to grow into kind and thoughtful adults?

I’m not raising three boys.  I’m raising men.  Men who I hope will give generously to their community, lend a hand to help a complete stranger and find ways to make life easier for those less fortunate. 

I stand corrected.  Kindness is definitely not for turkeys.  

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