Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Buddy

Day 39
Besides a few tears from A. when I refused to let him pick a pink foam pointer finger over a book, day two at the book fair was thankfully uneventful.

On the far wall across from the cashiers, teachers list books they’d like purchased for their classrooms.  It's something I missed in the chaos of yesterday.    

The book fair presents an opportunity for them to expand their classroom library.  This “wish list” ranges from picture books to chapter books from non-fiction to fiction. I opt to forgo my daily pumpkin spice latte and purchase a book for a kindergarten class. 

Easy.  Day 39.  Done.   

Talking of books, I’m struggling through that brick I’m reading for my neighbor.  Looking at the author’s photo, I imagine him pouring himself into his novel.  At 84, it’s a safe bet that this may be the only book he writes.  I want to give it the respectful attention it deserves.  It’s hard not to be pulled into a story when you feel the writer’s heart in every word.  

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