Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spot of Sunshine

Day 147
Today, the sun broke through the clouds and gave us a preview of the spring weather we’ve been wanting.  Kids shed winter coats.  Walkers came out from hibernation.   Looking out my kitchen window, I can imagine my summer garden. 

Sunny weather after weeks of dreary days does this.  It makes me think of starting fresh and new possibilities, of days at the pool and afternoons eating popcicles, of afternoons reading in our hammock and listening to the boys play in the creek.  Spring is nearly here.      

I bring two bouquets of yellow daisies to the school secretaries and then quietly sneak into the resource room where the education assistants work and place two more bouquets there.  I place one on their lunch table and another on the desk.  It’s a spot of sunshine, a perfect reminder of the brighter days ahead.     

“What are these for?” asks Mary, one of the front office secretaries.  A friendly face in the front office, she’s always quick to offer a smile.  She’s welcoming and helpful and a wonderful representative of our school for new families on their first visit. 

“Just because,” I answer.  

Sometimes “just because” is the best reason of all.  Unless you’re my kids, then it’s the answer. 

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