Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Evil Genius

Day 126
“It’s not fair,” F. complains with righteous indignation.

 Oh, I may regret this, but ask the natural follow-up. “What’s not fair?”   

“The kindergartners get all the shade.”  

We’re talking about ideas to improve the school.  Every year, the PTO donates items that the school budget can’t cover.  Parents and teachers submit special request applications for consideration. 

I promise to suggest it but half expect F.’s request to be met with eye rolling and snickers.  Instead, it surprises me to learn other parents hear similar complaints from their kids.   

I think about it, and he’s right.  The kindergartners play on a separate playground from the bigger kids.  Directly adjacent to the kindergarten classes, the building blocks the sun and a shadow falls protectively over the small play set.

It’s not so on the big playground, here the sun shines brightly.  No trees block it’s heat.  Kids, sweaty and red-faced, huddle against the storage shed in the slice of shade created by the slim roof. 

One thing you need to know about F. is he knows what he wants and he possesses an uncanny ability to make it happen.  At seven.  Heaven help us when the evil genius hits the teen years. 

For the last several months I’ve been talking with vendors and researching shade options.  Most fall outside the PTO’s budget.  I’ve talked to the city planner about zoning.  Today I finalize the request and gather last minute quotes from a new vendor who may offer us a lower price.  It’s the final push to the finish.  I want this to happen.  I want it for not only my kids but also for all the kids at Montgomery Elementary.   

If the board approves the request, I wonder, what will Finny ask for next?  

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