Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Forgot. Again.

Day 119
Experts tell us to let our kids fail.  How else will they learn, they say.  In theory, I agree.  In practice, it’s harder to stand on the sidelines and watch. 

Our oldest is an easy, agreeable child who works hard in school and is a kind and thoughtful friend.  He’s going through (we hope) a stage where he’d forget his own head if it wasn’t attached.

He’s forgotten homework at school, his coat at a party and his shoes in the yard, to name a few.  The first time he forgot his homework assignment book, he and I jumped in the car and raced to the school to get it.  The second (and third) time he forgot, I let him face the consequences.  He flipped his card, his teacher’s method to keep kids accountable. 

Most mornings, and today is no exception, I head to the gym immediately after the kids board the school bus.  I return an hour or so later to find this message on the answering machine: 

“Hello?  Mom? (whisper, whisper) Um, I’m at school and I forgot my yellow music folder?  Can you bring it?  Thanks? (click)”

Did I mention I.’s also terribly sweet and appreciative?  I look at the clock.  I can’t remember, is music in the morning or afternoon?

I race into the front office waving a bright yellow folder and the front secretaries nod knowingly.  One calls his class and Ian enters the office and smiles. 

“Am I too late?” 

“Yeah, but it’s OK,” he says.  “I forgot.”  I’m rewarded with a big grin.  Did I tell you he’s learning responsibility too?  

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