Friday, February 10, 2012

Carry My Heart

Day 130
This morning at the bus stop I hand each of my boys a 2 X 2 inch fabric heart pillow.   

“What’s this?” F. asks. 

“If you get mad or stressed or sad at school, I want you to put your hand in your pocket and feel this heart and know that Daddy and I love you.” 

“I get to keep it?” A. asks. 

“Yep.  It’s yours.” 

“So I know you love me?” 

I pull him into a hug and squeeze.  “You got it.” 

I. quietly rubs the heart with his finger but doesn’t comment.

“What do you think?” I look over A.’s head and into I.’s eyes. 

“That’s awesome!”  And slips his into his pocket.  

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