Thursday, February 23, 2012

Round Up

Day 142
After accompanying me to the grocery store, my father-in-law swore never again.  I piled boxes and cans, eggs and bread.  With no organization to my madness, the food teetered and toppled and left a messy trail of mac and cheese, a record of our trip in uncooked pasta.   

When he asked why I didn’t buy less but shop more often, I was horrified.  And bring all them? I motioned to the three little ones trailing behind us grabbing cookies from the lower shelves and taking out ill-constructed displays.

That was years ago but I still shop the same way.  Even though I do errands kid-free during the school day, I can’t seem to change how I shop.  I keep my head down and power through.    

I tell you all this so you’ll understand why I never noticed the sign.  The one posted directly to the left of the cashier.  For all I know it’s been up for months. 

The sign explains how you can “round up” your order to the nearest dollar and donate the additional pennies to the Ohio FoodBank and/or other local charities. 

As we all know from the change jar in the laundry room (or wherever you keep yous), it adds up.   

“Can you round up?” I ask the clerk checking me out. 

“Round-up?  I don’t know the code for that.”  She checks a list, punches in the numbers, and the register calculates the dollar difference.  It takes seconds.

What a simple easy way to help the community for less than a dollar.      

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