Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Say "Cheese"!

Day 23
A few years ago, my husband and I visited Paris to celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary.  I dusted off my high school French and fumbled my way through “Will you take our photo, s’il vous plait?” in an effort to return home with at least one frame-worthy photo.

As a tourist of New York City, I wanted nothing less for my weekend trip with my son. 

With Times Square as our backdrop, I glanced around for someone to take our picture.  No one made eye contact.  Yet, oddly, this did not deter me.   
Thinking that all kindness is returned, I walked towards three woman who were struggling with their camera.  They were taking a succession of photos of combinations of two. 

“Can I take your photo?”  I mimed clicking a camera.  (I learned quickly in Paris that hand signs worked better than my broken French.  Since I couldn’t determine the women’s country of origin, charades seemed the best option.)

"Three?"  I pointed at the three of them.  "Together?"  I laced my fingers together in what I hoped indicated together.  

“How much?”  The woman asked.  She glared at me suspiciously.   

“Ah, free?” 

She consulted with her two friends before handing me the camera.

CLICK.  “One more.”  I held up my pointer finger to indicate I planned to take another photo.  Why not?  Give the ladies a little choice!   

The women nodded in agreement. 

“Yes?” They smiled as I handed the camera back. 

“Have a fun day!”  I. and I waved before walking away. 

Drats!  It was only down the street that I realized we’d forgotten about our picture.

No worries, we had opportunities all over NYC to repeat this exchange.  Again.  And again.  And again. 

Yes, I got that frame-worthy photo.    

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