Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Look

Day 20
When my mom learned of my blog experiment she asked how I could possibly find one random act of kindness everyday. 

I’m learning that opportunities are everywhere.  You just have to look.

Today was a perfect example. 

I was driving home from Kroger when I noticed him.  From a distance, he looked like my 90-year-old neighbor.  As I inched closer, I realized it couldn’t be.  This man walked with a noticeable limp.  Every couple of steps, his right knee collapsed and he’d catch himself from stumbling. 

I pulled up to the curb and rolled down the window. 

“May I give you a ride?” 

He smiled.  “Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to pick up strangers?”     

“You look pretty friendly.  Please.  Hop in.” 

He limped over to the car as I frantically threw the candy wrappers, toys and a soccer ball from the front seat. 

“I only have a couple houses to go.” 

We chatted happily as we drove the half block to his house. 

He invited me to stop by anytime.  “My wife and I are always here.  We have two little dogs.  They won’t bite, only lick you.” 

I told him I would as he opened the car door.  He put weight on his leg and stepped out.  “It feels better already.”  

It certainly does.  

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