Saturday, October 29, 2011

But the LEGOS were on sale...

Day 28
When left to my own devices, I tend to wander while grocery shopping.  Drop me into a Target or Walmart and watch out, there’s no telling what will end up in my cart. 

Today’s impulse purchases included 25 mini-pumpkins, some pipe cleaners and a little early Christmas shopping.  What?  The LEGOs were on sale! 

Rolling up to the checkout I saw only one aisle open with an actual person working the till.  I like self-checkout for a few items but today’s spree couldn’t fit in one bag. 

An older woman stood behind me in the growing line that I might add was moving as quickly as running in thigh high mud. 

“Go ahead,” I motioned to step in front of my loaded cart. 

“Oh, thank you!”  She must have seen my pumpkins. 

Isn’t random kindness simply common courtesy?  

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