Tuesday, October 25, 2011

High Fives All Around

Day 26
After a day of cleaning and painting, I called the kids into the garage.

I coached them on what I wanted before they stepped foot into the space.

“Lots of cheering!  High fives are good, too.  Yeah, Mom!”  The boys nodded in understanding.  They’re good boys.  They know what Mommy needs.

My oldest took it further.  “How about ‘You did awesome!  Good job, Mom!’  Is that good?”  He’s such an overachiever.   

When you work hard, it’s natural to want someone to notice. 
For the last several days, I’ve watched some neighbors landscape their front yard.  They tore out old and overgrown bushes.  They weeded.  Planted.  Watered.  I work enough in the garden to know these people put some muscle into it. 

It looks amazing.  It took less than five minutes to write a note and drop it in their mailbox to tell them so.

If I’d seen them in person I would have offered a high five.   

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