Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Steps

Day 25
How many times have you seen a mom with a young child at the grocery store?  Every time you go, right? 

My kids aren’t so far past the baby/toddler stage that I’ve forgotten how challenging shopping with them could be.  If I made it through the store without a tantrum or meltdown, I considered the trip a success. 

Walking back to my car with my groceries, I talked with a neighborhood mom.  I don’t know her name but I often see her walking with a stroller on my street.  Parked next to me, we compared exercise notes as we loaded our cars. 

As she buckled her son into his car seat, I grabbed her cart and returned it to the corral. 

I couldn’t imagine why I’d never done this for a mother of young kids before.  I absolutely hated leaving my kids in the car to run my cart back. 

Wow.  Super simple.  Day 25.  Done.     

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