Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Day 14

There’s something about automated phone trees that make me crazy.  By the time I get passed from one electronic prompt to another (to another to another) and finally reach an actual person, I’m usually frazzled and frustrated past the point of reason.

I’ve unloaded on the nameless customer service rep simply because he or she was unlucky enough to answer the phone.  Even as I’m losing my temper, I know that the person on the other end most likely doesn’t influence company policy or hold any power in approving my claim.  Yet, an ogre I've become.   

I continue to rant.  Why?  Because sometimes you feel like yelling and if I have to wait ten days to get a new cable box than someone should pay, right?   

Rant?  Yell?  Am I reading the wrong blog?  Aren’t you supposed to be conducting some kind of social experiment by being kind?

Yes.  That’s why today I did the exact opposite of Fee Fi Fo-ing.   

I wrote a letter to Bethesda North Hospital to compliment the outstanding staff.  I named names.  I wanted their bosses to know how competent and kind their staff were and how much I appreciated them during my recent stay. 

Writing the letter took a quarter of the time it takes to get a person on the line at Time Warner.

The next time I have an attentive waitress who fills my water glass without asking, I’m going to jot down a nice comment and leave it on the table.  I’m going to thank the front desk staff at the Y for always greeting everyone with a friendly hello.    

I’ll remember I should be as quick to thank, as I am to complain.  

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