Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's in a Name?

Day 294
Granola bars topped the list of my go-to snack until I learned how unhealthy many of these touted “health” bars can be.  Thank you, Fooducate for teaching me to make a better choice.   

Even so, I like to keep something in my front car console for when I leave the gym, famished and dangerously close to a McDonalds’ drive-through.  

That’s why I’m so excited when at the gym, I read an article in some health magazine that lists the best of the best bars.  On the way home, I stop in the store to pick up a few to try.  I select the KIND bar because the combination of coconut and almond appeals to me.  I don’t zero in on the name until I get home. 

“Really?  You bought the KIND bars?” Chaz laughs. 

“I didn’t even notice.  I picked them because they sounded chewy,” I say.  It’s true but it sounds unbelievable even to me. 

I examine the wrapping more carefully and find an address for the company web site.  As their name implies, they attempt to do kind acts in their community each month.  If they get a large online commitment, they follow through with a “big” give.  I click to commit and add one more to their roll call.  A counter tallies up kind acts: 283,396 and counting.

A company that makes healthy, hearty snacks and performs acts of kindness to the community?  That’s something I can sink my teeth into.  

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  1. How funny! I always get them and I never thought to look them up. I'll have to go check out their website.