Sunday, October 14, 2012

Here's My Number. Call Me Maybe.

Day 285
I admit I’m carrying some residual guilt from last fall.  I’d committed to help with the school directory but got sick and couldn’t follow through with my promise.  Even though it was a week in the hospital and not a case of the sniffles, I hated to leave someone in the lurch.

Not this year.  This week I spend hours and hours updating old contact information and adding new families to the PTO school directory.  (To be clear, this isn’t a one-woman show.  It’s a team of PTO moms working together to get this thing to the printer.) 

New privacy laws adopted by the district ban the release of personal information even to non-profits like the parent-teacher organization.  This complicates things a bit. 

We solicit families for addresses.  Reach out to teachers for help.  Use existing communication chains to gather what we need. 

My eyes crisscross in the blur of addresses, home phone numbers and email addresses.  I hope I haven’t inverted too many numbers or mistakenly moved a few families to a new neighborhood.  

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