Monday, October 1, 2012

School Daze

Day 278
“I could do it.”  The words escape my mouth before I can pull them back.  

I’m standing at the curb talking to a mom I don't know in a minivan.  She explains to me how her kindergarten daughter hates the before-school program at my boys’ school and she’s looking for someone to put her on the bus.      

“Really?  You could?” 

I understand I’m making a long-term commitment if I agree.  It’s the start of the school year with hundreds of mornings before summer vacation. 

More than that I think of the fun of mixing it up a bit in my house full of rambunctious boys.  What will happen if we add a little blond girl to our morning routine?  I imagine fun art projects with glitter and feathers.  I picture quiet mornings reading books all five of us snuggled on the over-sized family room couch. 

“Yes.  I think it will be fun.”

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