Monday, May 7, 2012

Switching Teams

Day 201
With four players, the Falcons don’t have enough to field a team. 

Then, our coach does something that I hope the kids remember: he gives them a handful of our players to play the match.  He knows teaching the kids the fundamentals of lacrosse and ensuring that everyone gets a chance to play wins out over who ends the game with the highest score.    

Good sportsmanship is made not born. 

We have to teach our kids to be good, kind winners and gracious losers.  Teach.  If you disagree, I challenge you to find the parent of the child throwing a tantrum on the field.  Dollars to donuts, the parent’s face is scrunched up in an angry scowl cursing at the ref.

That’s why Chaz and I try our hardest to be good sports when we watch the boys play. 

Sure, we cheer for our kids.  Scream excitedly if they score.  High-five them when they run off the field.  We also cheer for standout performances on the other team.  At this age, it isn’t about winning (or shouldn’t be).  It’s about nurturing a love of the game, learning to be a good sport and figuring out how to work as a team.

“Look,” I point towards the field, “F’s playing for the other team.” 

He is.  And he’s giving it 100-percent. 

“That’s the best I’ve seen him play,” Chaz says.   

Way to go, F.  Way to go.    

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