Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red Box

Day 219
“What’s this?”  My mom is visiting from Chicago for the weekend and the boys and I drag her to the store to include her in today’s fun. 

“Red Box?  Think Blockbuster but at your grocery store,” I explain as I point to the large red kiosk.  “You pick out a movie on the computer screen, pay with your credit card and the movie pops out.”  I’ve never used Red Box but I think the idea is pure genius.  I only wish I’d thought of it first.   

We find the snack aisle and pick our poison.  “Popcorn or candy?”  The question isn’t out before the boys answer.  In unison. 

Milk Duds in hand, we spy walk our way back to the Red Box and nonchalantly prop the chocolates on the thing you swipe your card through to pay. 

I can’t take credit for today’s random act.  My friend Jamie sent a link when she saw the idea on the Red Box facebook page.  Jamie, this one’s for you!

We tape a note, “Enjoy your movie!” and hurry home to enjoy our own Saturday night movie. 

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