Sunday, May 13, 2012

One More Thing...

Day 206
I know you’re done it.  You think you’re finished and then find or think of one more thing, or a dozen. 

I have this problem a lot at Christmas.  I start with a reasonable list of toys and fun surprises I think the boys might like.  I buy them, take them hope to wrap and spend the next several days congratulating myself on being done with holiday shopping before midnight on the 24th.   

Until I find something else that I think they’ll love and something else and something else.  On Christmas, to the kids’ delight and my horror, it looks like Santa’s workshop exploded in our living room.

You’d think I’d learn my lesson.  Keep it simple.  Stick to the basics.  Less is more. 

I haven’t. 

This time it’s the butterfly garden I’m planting at school.  I can't explain why I'm on Etsy looking for one last thing when by all accounts I should check this project as done on my growing to-do list.    

What’s Etsy?   Buckle up, Girlfriend, you’re in for a ride.   

Etsy’s an online shopping experience of handcrafted clothing, jewelry and more.  If you’re looking for something everyone won’t have, look there.  I type in “butterfly garden” with no expectations and up pops this:

The cedar sign has hand-routed letters painted in Tiffany blue. Perfect, right? 

Santa would approve.   


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