Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kindness Grows

Day 208
A friend kindly shares her garden with me today.  “Take whatever you want,” she says, giving me a tour of her extensive perennial gardens.  One runs the length of her side yard, another takes up a large piece of real estate near the patio.  Clumps of flowers dot the backyard in happy polka dots of color. 

For flower lovers, it’s a piece of heaven.  For my friend and her fiancé, it’s one more thing to dig up before they begin construction this fall.

“Are you sure?” I ask, hoping that my drool doesn’t drip and stain the front of my shirt. 

“Yes, we’re going to dig it all up anyway.” 

Gazing at her garden, I’m transplanting the flowers and shrubs in my mind.  I’ll plant a few to my front beds, line the back fence with a half dozen clumps of sunny daisies, and start the transformation from weed patch to hosta garden along the back property line. 

Back home and covered in dirt, I survey my new backyard space.  It looks the best it’s looked since we moved in six years ago thanks largely to my friend’s perennials.  

What else?  What else?  I’m on a mission and don’t want to stop the momentum.  In the back, a bright spot of yellow pops from a bed.  I’ve always meant to divide these irises but haven’t.  Instead, I’ve let them multiply until they’ve spread to a space nearly the size of a twin mattress.  Today I do.  

I send out a quick email and in minutes have several takers.  I dig out the irises and deliver them to their new homes. 

It’s only right.  One good turn deserves another. 

See how kindness grows? 

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